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Welcome to the U. Dori Construction careers section.
Since U. Dori Construction was founded 30 years ago, we have developed into one of the largest companies in the construction field, employing approximately 600 staff members at many sites around Israel.
We believe that the company’s success lies in its human capital, and so we invest in our recruitment and selection processes, and in developing the skills of our existing staff.
U. Dori Construction is always on the lookout for skilled and talented people who can contribute to our continued success; people who are able to cope with the many challenges posed by the market as well as the challenges we set for ourselves. In this way, we will continue to be Israel’s leading construction company.
A wide range of positions are available within the Group in a variety of areas, including: construction, engineering, logistics, procurement, customer service, administration and operations, human resources, finance, quality assurance, and more. 

Construction Engineer

U. Dori Construction is seeking a construction engineer in Israel’s central region who has experience in large-scale projects.

Certified Work Manager

U. Dori Construction is seeking a work manager with experience in building frameworks and carrying out finishing work on residential projects.