Dori Plus

Dori Concept

  "Dori Concept" is a branch of U. Dori Construction, which provides services to the company’s clients regarding all changes the purchasers may wish to make to their properties. Dori Concept specializes in luxury apartments and residential towers all over Israel.
The branch has architects who provide personal, attentive, professional, reliable, and experienced service to the company’s clients, from the moment they purchase an apartment until the handover upon completion. These architects serve as clients' main contact point for all of the company’s one-stop-shop services.
Dori Concept’s work process with clients is important to the success of the project and includes several main topics – providing information to the property buyer regarding details of finishing works and the various suppliers used by Dori Concept, as well as passing on purchasers’ requests for changes and additions to plans (or those made by a private architect), pricing changes, enacting the necessary changes on-site, and creating a schedule in cooperation with the purchaser to enable the apartment to be completed prior to the apartment handover, as detailed in the contract.
Client satisfaction is always the primary consideration of any project, and the Dori Concept team devotes every effort to achieving this goal.
Main Tel: +972-9-9705541