About the Company

Building the Israeli Skyline

U. Dori Construction, the contracting arm of the Amos Luzon Group (previously U.Dori Group), is one of Israel’s most prominent and best-established construction companies.
Founded in 1961, the U. Dori Group has flourished ever since, developing and constructing a wide range of prestigious projects that include thousands of residential units as well as commercial and industrial space covering hundreds of thousands of square meters throughout Israel.
The company is officially classified as a G5 contractor (accredited contractor).
When the U. Dori Group underwent reorganization in 2008, its operations division became U. Dori Construction Ltd., which was launched as a public company in 2010. In July 2016, U.Dori Construction became a private wholly owned subsidiary of Amos Luzon Group (previously U.Dori Group).

Today, U. Dori Construction specializes in major projects for leading Israeli developers in all areas of construction, including residences, offices, industry, hotels, public buildings, and many other complex engineering projects. The company’s core values of quality, professionalism, excellence, reliability, and providing all clients with personal attention can be clearly seen in all aspects of its activities. In every project, the company utilizes advanced international construction technologies, the very latest equipment, and the finest workforce in the industry. All of these factors have enabled U. Dori to establish itself as a leading Israeli company in the high-rise construction field.

Professional Quality, Personal Service

The company’s core values, upon which its working principles are based, are quality, professionalism, excellence, reliability, and providing all clients with personal attention. These values stand at the forefront of the company’s approach to each and every project. The professional approach, personal service, and dedication of the U. Dori staff throughout the project, in addition to uncompromising excellent performance and compliance with schedules, has contributed to the company’s many achievements and the reputation it has garnered over the years. The projects performed by U. Dori have established new standards of excellence in the construction industry, and include iconic buildings that have transformed Israel’s urban landscape.